KRAFTJUNGS, the brand-world improvers

KRAFTJUNGS was founded in 2002 as a classic advertising agency. Since then, we have consistently evolved with the technological and communicative demands of the times – from print to cross-media to adaptive communication. Renowned clients value us as a strategic partner, consultant and creative solution provider for innovative communication channels. With our dream team, our inner attitude and multidisciplinary set-up, we get the most out of their most valuable asset – their brands.

for heart and mind

Communication is our passion, the synthesis of emotionality and rationality our strength. As thinkers with heart, we combine analogue with digital, strategy with creativity, structure with flexibility, intelligence with intuition, down-to-earthness with foresight.

We never think only from measure to measure, but always outside the box. We do more, offer more and burn hotter for our goal: to connect people personally with brands – through holistic communication that hits the heart, stays in the mind and becomes an experience for all the senses.

Our mission:
for more brand performance

Creative, strategic brand positioning and management as well as integrated brand communication is the core of our work – from the brilliant idea to the adaptive implementation on all communication channels.

We are more than a full-service agency. We are multidisciplinary and offer solutions that are ideally suited to need, budget and goal. We are a lead agency, project agency, internet agency, social media agency or cross media agency – and thus always the right choice for the specific task and the individual client.

We are owner-managed. The direct line between the agency founders and our clients is the lifeline of our work. This is where professionalism, partnership and humanity flow together to form holistic customer care and profound consulting.

We accelerate the awareness and performance of brands with holistic measures that fire up target groups faster and in a more targeted way.


As a forward-looking employer, we want to create workplaces that attract talented people, promote their strengths and inspire them to give their best and go above and beyond every day.


For our customers, we want to be the problem solver and partner of choice for holistic communication.


We want to establish “Adaptive Communication” and the KRAFTJUNGS brand as the ultimate solution for the communication requirements of the future.


We want to build a partner network characterised by mutual trust and offer our customers the highest quality, absolute efficiency and all solutions from a single source.


We want to grow in a healthy, sustainable and profitable way.


We want to make the difference – by living our responsibility towards our employees, customers and our environment.

Our vision:
Evolution of brand communication

Brand communication that adapts to people’s habits and needs is more effective. It makes life easier – and more successful. This drives us to permanently adapt to changes and to develop further in every area of our work.

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