Finding a name for the municipal housing association of the city of Gernsbach

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Development of name and logo for the municipal housing association

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Name and logo development


The city of Gernsbach establishes a municipal housing company at the beginning of 2023 and commissions KRAFTJUNGS to find a name and develop a logo for the new company.

Securing affordable housing and promoting urban development

The town of Gernsbach, located in the immediate vicinity of Gaggenau, can look back on an eventful town history of more than 800 years. In the 21st century, the municipality has its sights firmly set on its future, and thus that of its citizens*, in the face of new challenges: With the establishment of a municipal housing company, Gernsbach provides permanently affordable rental housing for its citizens* as part of the provision of public services. In addition to securing the municipal housing stock, the newly founded company will also promote the construction of new residential and commercial units as well as urban development and renewal in the long term.

KRAFTJUNGS develops name and logo

The municipal housing company was to be given a name that would stand out from the usual, rather functional names in this field. Modernity, belonging to the city and future orientation were to be conveyed, with the right amount of emotionality. An ideal task for KRAFTJUNGS: Based on various approaches – such as the centuries-old history of the city in contemporary wording, the attitude to life in Gernsbach or even artistic terms – the thinkers with heart developed a strong selection of names. After deciding on the favorite, KRAFTJUNGS developed a logo that perfectly supports the meaning of the name visually and conveys it to the outside world.

With the development of the name and logo for the municipal housing association, KRAFTJUNGS continue the successful cooperation with the city of Gernsbach, which has already proven itself many times over with the implementation of various communication measures – for example in the area of employer branding, in initiatives for the preservation and development of the historic old town as well as the logo development for the Gernsbach municipal utility.

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