Brand Relaunch for Endosmart


Brand Relaunch and Profile Refinement

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Brand Workshop, Corporate Design Evolution, Logo Modernization, Corporate Slogan Development, Key Visuals and Key Messages, and Design for New Corporate Website


Endosmart, based in Karlsruhe, is known as a specialist in the manufacture of medical devices made from the shape memory alloy Nitinol for renowned international companies in the fields of endoscopy and medical supplies. To establish a stronger presence in the minds of potential customers and sharpen its brand profile for the future, the company chose to collaborate with KRAFTJUNGS, experts in brand development and communication, after screening multiple agencies.

With a sharpened profile towards a successful future

Since its founding in 2002, Endosmart has been leveraging its outstanding expertise in Nitinol’s specific properties and processing capabilities to get the best out of this material. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the company develops and manufactures implants, surgical instruments, and tumor markers for urology, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, and vascular applications. Despite their use in different medical specialties, Endosmart’s Nitinol solutions share a crucial commonality – consistently high quality that makes it easier for surgeons to handle and makes surgical procedures as gentle and minimally invasive as possible for patients.

However, to not only maintain but also expand its prominent position in the market amid increasing competition and price pressure, the company needed to sharpen its brand profile. Through contemporary branding and relevant messages, customers should immediately understand what sets Endosmart apart and why it is superior to other providers.

Brand Workshop: Transforming from a “Contract Manufacturer” into an Innovative Development Partner

In KRAFTJUNGS’ strategic brand workshop, the foundation for a differentiated brand image was created. Together with Endosmart’s leadership team, the creative minds at KRAFTJUNGS analyzed the target audience and the company’s future vision, explored the traits of the brand personality, and consistently delved into the core of the brand. Based on the insights from the brand workshop, KRAFTJUNGS formulated the brand purpose, vision, and mission, and defined the brand persona. The existing company values and guidelines at Endosmart also gained depth and meaning through the insights from the brand workshop.

KRAFTJUNGS developed a targeted, differentiated positioning that communicates Endosmart’s strengths to the outside world: The Nitinol expert is more than just a contract manufacturer. Endosmart is the innovative development partner that accompanies, advises, and inspires its customers from ideation to prototype development, cleanroom serial production, and product approval.

Visually striking and contextually relevant – communicating to the outside world

The expertise, innovation, and development competence related to Nitinol are ideally summarized in Endosmart’s new corporate slogan, which is also reflected in the key visuals developed by KRAFTJUNGS. The agency’s creatives combined the properties of the biocompatible material Nitinol, such as superelasticity, kink resistance, and flexibility, in an unconventional way with the benefits that Endosmart’s medical technology offers to medical device companies, surgeons, and patients alike.

In addition to redesigning the corporate stationery and modernizing the logo, KRAFTJUNGS also added components of the brand persona and design guidelines to the company’s new brand book. Finally, the branding experts created a contemporary structure and modern design for the corporate website, which was filled with original content by Endosmart.

We thank Endosmart for the inspiring and trustful exchange and wish the innovative company great success for the future!

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