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MOJO Solutions

Brand building for provider of consulting and business development services for e-commerce

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Development of business model, brand workshop, branding, naming, corporate design, website


KRAFTJUNGS develops and implements the entire brand strategy for MOJO Solutions, a provider of consulting and business development services specializing in the unique requirements of e-commerce.

MOJO Solutions – The All-in-One Solution for E-commerce

MOJO Solutions is not just another “consulting firm” for e-commerce and online shop operators. MOJO is a collaboration of leading digital business experts in areas such as financing, accounting, taxation, e-commerce platforms, Amazon marketing, performance marketing, and more. They pool their strengths and expertise to offer everything online shops need to thrive and grow sustainably in a highly competitive and dynamic market. MOJO takes a customer-centric and systematic approach, from the initial free consultation to the check-up workshop, where the current status of the digital business is carefully analyzed, all the way to the roadmap, which includes a tailored e-commerce strategy with perfectly coordinated optimization measures for the online shop.

Full Range of Services from KRAFTJUNGS Required

MOJO Solutions also demanded the full range of services from KRAFTJUNGS. The branding and communication experts, in close collaboration with the client, first developed a viable business model. The particular challenge was to present a complex and extensive range of personal consulting and digital optimization services as simply, comprehensibly, and clearly as possible. E-commerce operators should immediately grasp the value that MOJO Solutions brings to their business: as a one-stop shop for online retailers in an industry that constantly evolves technologically, MOJO Solutions sees itself as a long-term partner that paves the way to sustainable success.

From the brand workshop to naming…

In a proven brand workshop, KRAFTJUNGS subsequently defined MOJO Solutions’ positioning, vision, and values. With the development of a brand persona, they not only established the essential characteristics of the brand personality but also the brand voice through which the company communicates its messages and unique selling points to the target audience. Finally, the insights from the brand workshop also influenced the creation of the company’s name: The word, formed from the initial letters of the founder Jonas Monschein’s last and first name, conveys in English a quality that generates success and energy, and is particularly attractive to others. A little more mojo for one’s own e-commerce business can certainly do no harm.

…to corporate design on the website

With the development of a corporate design, KRAFTJUNGS visually shaped the brand identity of MOJO Solutions, which is evident in the initial step on the website developed and implemented by the online team at Denker mit Herz: color, imagery, animations, and text were completely reimagined for MOJO Solutions to effectively convey the company’s messages, values, and services in an understandable and attention-grabbing manner.

We thank MOJO Solutions for the trusting collaboration and wish them sustainable success in the world of e-commerce!

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